What rhymes with Starch Sadness and has crushed the souls of our office bracket pool participants? Hear more about the shenanigans of P2Bi.
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March Madness—it’s not just for basketball anymore!

It’s been a crazy March around here at P2Binvestor. In addition to watching all of our NCAA tournament brackets completely explode, we’ve added a few new employees to the ranks, added a new “skill” to our About page (can you spot it?), made plans to move to a new office space so we can avoid having to install bunk desks, and are gearing up to close our fiscal year. As we move forward into our new fiscal year (don’t ask, but ours starts on April 1), we’re working on a few fiscal new year resolutions. Some of our goals this year include developing new proprietary origination channels, exploring new lending products we’ll offer in addition to our B2B-only revolving line of credit, building a world-class content machine, and expanding our footprint by putting down roots in Austin, Texas, and then looking out to northern California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Boston area next. Wondering why we started in Denver anyway? Your answer is right here.

Help us meet our lofty goals by introducing us to a business you know and love—one that might be looking for a debt option instead of giving up more precious equity. Remember that you can earn big bucks and other perks by sending companies our way. If you’d like to know more, send a note to Erin at referrals@p2bi.com. Who is a good fit for our revolving line of credit? Well in a nutshell, our borrowers are growing and B2B (provide a service or manufacture a product they sell to other businesses), have $500,000-$15 million or so in annual revenue, are U.S.-based, and are generally awesome.

We’re also launching the first edition of a special new curated weekly email this Friday which will feature tips and advice from thought leaders who write for the likes of Inc.com, Fastcompany, Nerdwallet, and of course, the FUNDamentals Blog. We'll include great posts and news from a few of our partners, too. If you’re interested in receiving a weekly email with industry news and killer content we go out and track down for you, you can subscribe here. It's the ultimate busy (or lazy!) person's perfect inbox delivery.


In this issue:

  • P2Binvestor borrower news
  • Meet our new friends: WunderCapital and Level Funded Health
  • Roller derby! Yes, roller derby!
  • Small business bootcamp webinar series: Franchise debt crowdfunding
  • Where is Krista?
  • Meet our team: Jeff Taggart, CTO

P2Bi Borrower News
We ran into a few folks at the 2016_HWS_Last_Day-1.jpgInternational Home and Housewares show last month including our foodie friends at Ronco. They had an amazing booth that featured their newest product, the Pizza & More Pizza Oven. If you enjoy pizza—and let’s face it, who doesn’t?—make sure you check out this do-it-yourself oven that helps you whip up masterful creations rivaling those of the Sicilians. The pizza oven will hit store shelves and Ronco’s online store in June. Buon Appetito!

Our friends at Entex Technologies, a clean water solutions company that provides technology for advanced biological wastewater treatment and filtration, recently introduced a new offering to their stack of engineering solutions. PEAK Managed Services is an exclusive end-to-end, real-time plant monitoring and optimization service that helps wastewater plants improve operations, ensure compliance, and reduce operating costs. Their proprietary analytics technology combines plant equipment and instrumentation data with manual data from operators and labs to provide unparalleled insight into plant performance. That’s a mouthful, right?! If you or someone you know is in the clean water or wastewater filtration industry and would like to learn more about Entex and their solutions, send an email to peak.webinar@entexinc.com to sign up for their upcoming webinar and learn how PEAK could help your plant save money and improve operations. 


We’d also like to introduce you to a Denver-based company doing big things with multidimensional security. 2D Electronics is a comprehensive security partner focused on providing clients with complete security solutions that can include all aspects of video Screen_Shot_2016-03-23_at_10.37.28_pm.pngsurveillance and access control. They inspire clients to think creatively and unconventionally about security, excel at tackling the most complex projects, and source products from around the world to provide unparalleled security solutions. Have a project in mind you’d like them to tackle? Send them an email and tell them about your security goals.

Need help managing your business operations? Savantis Group is offering a free webinar on Thursday, March 31, to demo their SAP-as-a-service savantis-logo.gif(SAPaas) bundle which helps manage virtually all aspects of your business operations including finance, sales, warehouse management, procurement, planning, distribution, and more. Learn more by registering for their upcoming webinar where they will walk you through the core functionality of their software and tell you how they helped a recent client implement the system and onboard 100+ users in just 12 weeks. 

Meet our new friends: WunderCapital and Level Funded Health
We made some new friends in the marketplace lending space. WunderCapital is a lending platform that provides financing to commercial solar projects. Wunder's software-based approach is dedicated to removing logistical barriers and reducing the high-costs that are typically associated with solar project finance, allowing them to pass the savings on to their borrowers and investors. Wunder sources projects with strong financial returns through their growing network of solar partners, providing their investors—a growing number of accredited individuals, trusts, family offices, foundations, hedge funds and pension funds—with a diversified portfolio of projects. If you're interested in learning more about investing, check out their two project funds here. If you or someone you know might be interested in being a Wunder Partner, read more about project finance here.

LevelFunded Health (LevelFunded Health Partners LLC) is an innovative national health insurance agency with a hyperfocus on Affordable Care Act “alternative” employee benefit programs for the national small employer market segment. The programs the agency specializes in are now known in the industry as “level-funded" benefit programs and result in immediate annual savings of around 10-40% ( or $50,000 to $250,000 or more depending on the size of the group) when compared to traditional small group health plans. Benefit programs are underwritten by A-rated (or better) insurance carriers and quotes are typically provided within 10 business days. For more information, please visit LevelFunded.com or reach their CEO, Russ Carpel, at (312) 719-9028.

P2Bi roller derby playersRoller derby! Yes, roller derby!
You may or not know that three people at P2Bi play roller derby, and in fact met each other through the fast-growing sport that features full pads, quad skates, speed, and big hits: Angela Lindow (Snicker-Snack), Krista Morgan (Kredible Threat), and Erin Bassity (Wolf Hitzer). These busy startup gals don’t have a bout coming up themselves (and barely make it practice these days, truth be told), but you can come watch some derby with them (and they promise to answer your questions about the fast-paced game) on April 2 when the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls take over the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver for a doubleheader. The Fillmore, a skating rink back in the day depite being home mostly to concerts these days, is the best place to watch roller derby and usually sells out, so get your tickets here or send a note to Erin who can hook you up directly with a Rocky Mountain Roller Girl skater for slightly discounted tickets. Coming to the bout? Let us know so we can look for you! Not in Denver? Check out your local team's next bout, we promise you'll love it.

Small business bootcamp webinar series: Franchise debt crowdfunding
Tomorrow (Friday), March 25, Krista will chat with the cofounder and CEO of ApplePie Capital, Denise Thomas, about the ins and outs of franchise debt crowdfunding. If you just whispered “What on earth is that?” to yourself, you’ll want to sign up for this webinar. Whether you’re interested in opening your own franchise business, looking to grow/expand your current business, want to know more about investing in a franchise crowdfund, or simply curious about the industry that’s contributing about half a trillion in GDP annually, make sure you register for this informative webinar. As always, if you can’t make it for the live session, register anyway and we will send you the slides and recording afterward.

Where is Krista?
Screen_Shot_2016-03-23_at_10.59.22_pm.pngThis month, P2Bi CEO Krista Morgan started recording season two of Women Who Startup Radio with the founder of Women Who Startup, Lizelle Van Vuuren. Krista and Lizelle cohost the podcast that strives to celebrate, connect, and empower entrepreneurs, techmakers, founders, and more. Check out the teaser for the upcoming season and stay tuned for the release of the first episode. It’s not just for women! This podcast is for anyone feeling the loneliness of being an entrepreneur, anyone struggling with raising a round, and anyone dealing with countless other highs and lows that come via #startuplife. Listen now!

On March 30, Krista will be judging the New Venture Challenge at CU Boulder which gives entrepreneurs in the CU community a chance to gain first-hand knowledge about what it takes to start a business while learning from mentors, events, and workshops.

In mid-April Krista is headed to Lendit in San Francisco where she and a few other members of our team will plug in and see what’s new in the online lending space. She will also be participating in a panel on April 11 with George Bessenyei of 48 Factoring, Eyal Shinar of Fundbox, and George Shapiro of Interface Financial. They’ll discuss the rapidly growing and changing face of invoice financing, why it’s become so popular lately, and what’s on the horizon for online lending.


Meet our team: Jeff Taggart, CTO
Jeff is the mad genius behind our proprietary lending, underwriting, and investment technology, and he leads software development at P2Bi. He came to us from Galvanize, where he molded the minds of aspiring developers at gSchool, and spent time prior working as a developer at Pivotal Labs and Rally Software. Jeff says that he enjoys working at P2Bi because he gets to wear many hats and help shape the company. He likes going from the micro-detail of software development to strategic planning with our executive team and board of directors. Off the clock, you’ll find Jeff pursuing new mental challenges—he is currently brushing up on his math skills as well as learning piano, mentoring developers in the community, or discussing block chain theory. He also practices the ancient Japanese art of Tsundoku.


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Enjoy the rest of your month and talk to you all again in April! 

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