Here in the land of orange and blue, we’re following in the footsteps of our football team and...wait for it...doing SUPER things.
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Happy 2016!

How ‘bout those Broncos? Here in the land of orange and blue, we’re following in the footsteps of our football team and...wait for it...doing SUPER things. What kinds of super things, you ask? The kind that have lots of happy borrowers and extra zeros after commas. Well, maybe not as super as this or this, but still pretty super.

Hot off the press! Finance-App Face-Off: Five Best Personal Finance Apps for Entrepreneurs and check out CEO Krista Morgan's latest editorial, this time in Fast Company.

Help us keep on keepin’ on by referring a business that could use a revolving line of credit from P2Binvestor. You can also holler at us to learn more about joining our referral partner network. Our borrowers are typically U.S. based and B2B with at least a year of operating history, at least $500,000 in annual revenue, and accounts receivable, inventory, or monthly recurring revenue to use as collateral. We can lend up to $5 million per borrower. Request a demo or get a 30-second quote from our quote calculator. Don't just take her word for it.


In this issue:

  • P2Binvestor Borrower News
  • Heads up: Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit
  • Where is Krista?
  • Meet our Team: Luke Fernie, Credit Analyst
  • P2Bi Blog: The FUNDamentals
  • Refer a growing business: Earn some cold hard cash

P2Bi Borrower News
peak_platforms.jpgPeak Platforms recently completed the onboarding of five sports club/league clients onto its new “Office-in-the-Cloud” portal powered by P3 Data Systems. Rob Lee, a CPA and SaaS Console partner of P3 said, "The “Office-in-the-Cloud” offered by P3 Data Systems provides my clients with a single sign-on for all of their SaaS applications, data integration between certain SaaS applications to automate transactional processing, a board-of-director-meeting management application, and the convenience of storing critical business documents in a secure location with easy remote access anytime. Now I spend more time engaging with my clients as a trusted business advisor and less time providing bookkeeping services.” Peak Platforms expects to add many more new sports club/league clients to its customized “Office-in-the-Cloud” portal in 2016.  Visit the Peak Platforms website to learn more. 


Our foodie friends at Ronco have something delicious up their sleeves. They’ve created a meal guide packed with recipes that have fewer than 500 calories to help you start your year off right. In their guide you will find a host of delicious meals made with minimally processed ingredients for a quick, healthy alternative to that awful takeout habit you developed during the holidays. Learn how to make flavorful dinners like Portabella Mushroom Burgers and Chili Stuffed Bell Peppers faster than it takes you to answer “do you want fries with that?” They’re adding two new recipes to the guide every week so make sure you bookmark the page and visit often! 

pipeline_pet_.jpegPipeline Pet Products, LLC continues to grow and expand their distribution footprint. After successfully launching an organic dog treat line at Walmart Canada, they will be following it up with new dental support chews and cat treats. They will also be launching their suite of brands into the growing Asia and Mexico pet food marketplaces. With strong alliances in both markets, they will be delivering a slew of healthy, natural and organic pet treats and food all delivering three omega-3's via their patented flax and chia ingredients. The company continues to push forward with their foundation of "value for money"—offering high-quality, innovative products at an affordable price. In 2015, they saw 400% growth in sales, and 2016 looks to be another exceptional year for this Pasadena-based pet products company. To keep up with the current demands for their offerings, Pipeline Pet is currently doing a $1M raise, interested investors can review their website for further information.

savantis-logo.gifOur friends at Savantis Group announced yesterday that they have welcomed ArcLight Cinemas  to their family of customers. In just 16 weeks, Savantis created and implemented a combination of software and mobile applications that are just right for ArcLight and all of their movie theater needs. ArcLight can now conduct business more efficiently and enjoy significant cost savings due to their new stack of software which includes S/4 Finance, SAP Procurement, Business Intelligence, and Electronic Document Interchange. With a few long nights, early mornings, and several hundred cups of coffee (we know what that's like!), Savantis was able to put this impressive army of tools into action and ensure that ArcLight Cinemas’ operations will be running successfully and efficiently for years to come.

Heads up: Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit
Did you know about the Colorado Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit? Designed to help Colorado's advanced industry companies receive more capital from Colorado investors, this tax credit helps stimulate private sector capital formation by rewarding local investors who take equity stakes in startup companies with high growth potential. Companies and investors can apply for the credit through the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. Learn more here.

Where is Krista?
Krista recently spoke at the Cloud Lending Summit and Expo in Las Vegas on a panel about rethinking small business lending and commercial finance alongside George Souri, CEO of LQD Business Finance, Eyal Lifshitz, CEO of BlueVine, and Jeffrey Rogers, CEO of Liftforward. It was interesting to see how other lenders in the space are looking at critical business issues and challenges specific to our industry and discuss the overall state of the fintech union. Everyone in the event’s opening panel predicted that 2016 will bring major upsets for marketplace lending platforms.

Last week Krista sat on panel with New Tech Denver about Gender in Tech. Speakers on the panel discussed how to improve diversity in the industry and what steps need to be taken to ensure a more inclusive environment is on the horizon. Speaking of gender diversity, women make a great majority of purchasing decisions. When tech companies don’t include women in the process of product development, they are truly missing out on a valuable—and business critical—perspective.

This week Krista is speaking at the ContinuumSF Innovation and Credit Conference in San Francisco. She is moderating a panel on innovation and challenges in the small business lending space.


Meet our Team: Luke Fernie
Screen_Shot_2016-01-27_at_11.08.11_PM.pngLuke Fernie joined our team as a credit analyst in late 2015. We recently decided his job title doesn’t sound nearly as exciting as it should and have since started referring to him and the rest of his team as our resident P2Bi detectives, sleuths, private eyes, gumshoes or even agents of justice. They work hard throughout the underwriting process to make sure that our borrowers are a good fit for P2Bi. Before coming to P2Bi Luke worked at Great-West Financial in their product and fund reporting department. He says he loves working at P2Bi because our employees have a great attitude while we collaborate and deliver for clients on both sides of our marketplace. In his free time, Luke enjoys reading, fly fishing, exercising, hiking, and spending time with his friends and new wife. He also enjoys tying his own flies because this guy is detail-oriented both on and off the clock. 

The FUNDamentals Blog
If you haven’t noticed, we have seriously amped up our blogging in recent months with loads of free business advice on everything from
cash-flow forecasting to filling the top of the sales funnel. If you or a friend would like to receive occasional emails containing our newest posts and highly valuable curated content for business owners from sources like Inc, Entrepreneur, and FastCompany, please subscribe here. We'll be starting a new weekly curated email soon. Also, if you’ve got a topic in mind you would love for us to tackle, let us know. We're also always interested in guest bloggers who have advice for small businesses. We want to hear from you!

Need some B2B sales help?
Our friend, Patty Laushman, is a sales development consultant who helps B2B companies implement a system for predictably filling the top of their sales funnel. She figures out the unique formula for each client and can either do the work for them or train someone on their staff to do the work. The process is highly measurable and lends itself to constant iteration and improvement. Her clients have generated over $70 million in sales opportunities using her system. Check out Patty's website at and contact her for a free consultation. Patty also wrote a killer post for us about improving lead generation.

Refer a growing business; earn a reward
Accredited investors on our platform aren’t the only ones who can earn a return for helping us help small businesses grow. Interested in earning recurring revenue and other perks for sending deals our way? Send a note to Erin at to learn more. 


A reminder that under U.S. law we can only accept investments from accredited investors at this time. Eventually, we would like to open the site to all investors, but that will be subject to rule changes implemented by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Stay on our list to be notified when the rules change.

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Have a fabulous rest of January, and we'll talk to you again in February!

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