Our Denver Startup Week session, a webinar on founder/investor relationship management, an award from Colorado Biz, and so much more...
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Summer is coming to a close, and our team is gearing up for a very busy fall. As we head into the new season, we’d like to take a quick moment to reflect on a few things we think deserve a little celebration. This summer we moved into our awesomely orange new office—no, those photos aren’t from the inside of a 70s disco—to make room for our growing team. We also received special accolades from Peter Renton, founder of Lend Academy, the leading educational resource for the peer-to-peer lending industry. And last but not least, we were featured in Colorado Biz Magazine’s list of Top 100 Women-Owned Companies. Huzzah! What a summer! What else? We're a nominee

In addition to celebrating our own success, we’d also like to recognize two of our awesome borrowers (Selling Simplified and PingHD) who earned a spot on Inc’s list of fastest-growing companies. Way to grow!

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we’re charging full steam ahead into fall and working hard to help even more growing companies get to their next level. Do you know a business that could use a fast, fair, and scalable line of working capital from P2Binvestor? Let us know. Better yet, send them our brand-new growth forecaster (after all, growth is a choice not an absolute, but if you want to grow, you'll want to see where things shake out with our tool). And if you have some feedback/questions about the tool -- holler. It's new and we want to make it better if it leaves you with questions.

Quick company update: 

In this issue: 

  • Our Denver Startup Week Session: Cashflow forecasting for companies at all stages (a workshop)
  • P2Bi Borrower news
  • Small business bootcamp webinar series: The Founder/Investor Relationship: Crafting a Partnership that Works
  • Where is Krista? Shaking hands and kissing babies and a trip across the pond
  • Meet our team: Anne Wave, Business Development Representative
Register for our Denver Startup Week Session 
If you haven’t heard of Denver Startup Week, it’s a five-day event packed with workshops, panel sessions, and networking opportunities for anybody with an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re a maker, innovator, entrepreneur, technophile, marketer, sales person, designer, or growth hacker you won’t want to miss out on the biggest startup event of 2016. Our startup week is the biggest in the country.

This year we’re teaming up with Drew Lyon of Focused Energy to present a hands-on workshop on cash-flow forecasting for companies at all stages. Knowing your cash position at any given time is key to adequate planning, successful fundraising, and operating a stable business. Whether your company is growing fast, just getting started, chugging along, or entering survival mode, this session will help you gain the tools you need to develop and grow your business. We encourage you to bring your laptop and start working on your numbers during the session. We’ll also be available for hands-on help at the end. Breakfast and coffee provided! Click here to add us to your schedule!  


Borrower News

If you’ve ever walked into a MadGreens and been mad impressed by their digital menus, that’s the handiwork of our friends over a PingHD.ping.png These signage whiz kids have cooked up a pretty awesome product that allows business owners to manage their digital signage from anywhere there’s a WiFi connection. They recently released a very cool new promotional video you can watch here

Advice Interactive Group
If you don’t already know, Advice Interactive Group is an award-winning digital marketing agencyadvice-interactive-group-logo.png that uses their expertise and proprietary technology to deliver customized solutions to their clients. They recently produced an awesome, free research paper in conjunction with one of their customers: The Mobile Curtain: Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search, compiled by Street Fight Insights (we love that company name!) and sponsored by Advice Local, introduces businesses and brands to the importance of local presence optimization and the impact is has on mobile search results.

Consumers are using mobile devices to find local businesses and services they need more than ever before, and those businesses must have a strategy to optimize their local presence for mobile search. In this paper you will learn the importance of mobile optimization for businesses, the expected return on your investment, and how to create the best mobile strategy for the audience and the business. Download the report here.


Small business bootcamp webinar series
Our webinars are always free! Check out the next few as well as our past webinars archive.

The Founder/Investor Relationship: Crafting a Partnership that Works 
September 27, 2016 (2:00 PM MT) Save your seat!

There comes a time when you exhaust your own resources and need to use other people’s money to grow your business. Those people are your equity investors, and it’s likely you will need their ongoing support over the course of several years. So, how do you keep them happy and engaged to help you grow your business and turn everyone’s equity into cash down the road?

In this session, we’ll focus on the founder/investor relationship starting from the seed level and going up to $10 million+ VC rounds. We’ll hear from founders who have collectively raised over $30 million in equity capital from well-known investors. How’d they do it? What have they learned?

We’ll have institutional-equity-backed CEO perspectives on the following:

  • How to start a peer relationship with your investor
  • How to navigate the tough times
  • How to align interests
  • When and how to ask for help

Register now and save your seat!


Where is Krista?
Krista has had a very busy schedule shaking hands and receiving some well-earned kudos. 20160812_114530-1.jpgShe recently accepted our Top 100 Woman-Owned Companies award from the folks at Colorado Biz magazine (left). Earlier this month she interviewed with Entrepreneur magazine for an upcoming article which we’ll be sure to share when published (it's looking like it will be in the November print edition). We also had her front and center at our office warming party greeting investors, borrowers, and friends of P2Bi in our brand-new digs.

After all that time in the spotlight, we decided to let Krista take a break. She’s off to London and Portugal visiting friends and taking some well deserved R&R until mid-September. But knowing Krista as we do she’s more likely reading a million more books on business strategy which she’ll have properly outlined, annotated, and ready for deployment by the time she returns. And somehow she’ll still have managed to 3x our FitBit step count…  


Meet our team: Anne Wave, Business Development Representative 
We are so excited to introduce you to the newest member of our team! Anne Wave, our new 089fb27.jpgbusiness development representative and rockstar coworker, came to us all the way from the Windy City where she was working in private equity. We like to think that it was just our awesome company and team that drew her to Colorado, but we suspect that the sunshine, craft beer, and mountains may have also had something to do with it. She now helps our marketing team with lead generation and qualification as well as processes and strategy, and we’re really not sure how we ever survived without her. Anne says she loves working with P2Bi because she’s seen first-hand how borrowers can be taken for a ride by lenders with unfair or misleading fees, and she’s excited to work on a team that values transparency and quality in product and service. Fun fact: Anne biked from New York City to San Francisco in the summer of 2014 and got all the way to Nebraska without getting a flat tire, and then got two in one day—during a hailstorm and 30 miles from the nearest town. #ToughCookie


A reminder that under U.S. law we can only accept investments from accredited investors at this time.
Eventually, we would like to open the platform to all investors, but that will be subject to rule changes implemented by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Stay on our list to be the first to know when the rules change.

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Enjoy your weekend and talk to you all again in September! 

The whole P2Bi gang



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