Come to a party for our new office, a roast, a SaaS financial modeling webinar and so much more...
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Summer is in full swing in Denver, Colorado! We’re beating the 90-degree heat by hanging out in our cool new pad (in fact, we’re thrilled to be writing to you from our new digs at 1120 Lincoln Street in Denver) and chasing down hot new leads. In addition, we just welcomed our 31st employee, Business Development Rep Anne Wave this week. If you’re interested in meeting the newest members of our team, checking out our new ultra-cool and ultra-orange space, and taste testing a signature P2Bi cocktail (beware: It may include Tang) and other refreshments, RSVP for our office-warming party on Wednesday, August 17, from 5:30 - 8 p.m. We can’t wait to see your face!

Quick company update: We signed a bunch of new borrowers this month, one of which is our biggest line of credit ever weighing in at $10 million. To date, we’ve funded more than $300 million to our borrowers since signing our very first in May 2014. Do you know a business that could use a fast, fair, and flexible line of working capital from P2Binvestor? Let us know! We're giving away awesome stuff to those who send us referrals we end up funding.

In this issue: 

  • Our CEO Krista Morgan’s newly released ebook on raising funds from angel investors
  • Borrower news
  • Small business bootcamp webinar series: Financial Modeling for SaaS Entrepreneurs and Money for the Makers: Funding and Operations for Manufacturers
  • Where is Krista? A roast and a new house
  • Meet our team: Jesse Trimble, lead software engineer

Our CEO Krista Morgan's newly released ebook: Raise Your Round
That's right! Our very own Krista Morgan just this morning released an awesome ebook about how to raise funding from angel investors called: Raise Your Round: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Finding, Closing, and Engaging Angel Investors. Having raised over $8 million from angels over the past four years, Krista compiled a 30-page book full of lessons learned, useful tips and tools, as well as a complete roadmap for any entrepreneur ready to start their fundraising journey. Check it out. Could we ask you a favor? Will you help us get this book into as many hands as possible by tweeting about it, posting it to Facebook, sharing it on LinkedIn, or emailing it directly to a friend? Thanks for any sharing assistance! If you have any feedback or comments about the ebook including your own tips for raising funds successfully, please send us a note! We’ll be including tips from other entrepreneurs and angel investors in our next version of the ebook.


Borrower News

We’d like to wish a very happy birthday to our foodie friends at Ronco! They’re celebrating 52 PizzaMore-BLKSS-wings-supreme2.jpgyears of bringing innovative products to life and into your home. Seems like only yesterday we were all gathered around the TV learning how to “set it and forget it” for the very first time. As part of the celebration, you can enjoy special promotional prices during the first week of August on select Ronco products like their awesome Ready Grill or Rotisserie Oven.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, Ronco’s Pizza and More oven launches in August. Whip up easy, oven-baked pizzas at home that will beat the pants off any of your local delivery (in price and taste). It’s an easy solution for back-to-school weeknight meals you can make in a flash. You never SAUsage a beautiful thing (har, har). For more back-to-school recipe ideas and healthy snack options, check out the Cooking with Ronco blog.

Our environmentally friendly amigos over at NuGenTec recently released a brand-new product that can help you remove flux, grease, NuGenTec_Oilfield.jpgand ionic contaminants from circuit boards and other sensitive electronic components.
D-Flux is a safer alternative to industry standard chemicals, contains no carcinogens and uses no ozone-depleting chemicals. NuGenTec? More like Captain Planet. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing or learning more about D-Flux or the FluoSolv product line, check out more detailed information here. Go planet! 


Small business bootcamp webinar series
Our webinars are always free! Check out the next few as well as our past webinars archive.

Financial Modeling for SaaS Entrepreneurs
Due to an illness of one of our presenters, Financial Modeling for SaaS Entrepreneurs has been postponed until next week, so if you didn’t know about it yet, it’s your lucky day! We’ll be hosting the webinar this Tuesday, August 2, at 2:00 p.m. MDT. In this session, we’ll cut the fat, keep it simple and talk about what really matters to your SaaS business and how you can build and maintain a financial model that helps you get your primary job done—putting cash in the bank. We’ll be using Christoph Janz’s excellent SaaS Financial Plan 2.0 as our jumping off point. There are over 450 people registered and room for only a few more so save your spot!

Money for the Makers: Funding and Operations for Manufacturers
We’re are hard at work putting together a session for maker entrepreneurs. If your business manufacturers any sort of product—from ice cream to apparel, you won’t want to miss this informative session. We’ll be chatting with industry veterans about common issues in the product lifecycle and how to solve them. From branding to manufacturing logistics (such as moving from your garage to a manufacturing facility and finding the right people to make your products) to dealing with seasonality, cash-flow issues, and slow-paying retailers, you’ll learn about creative financing solutions that will help you overcome these common obstacles. You'll also hear about best practices for maintaining smooth operations and building your brand. Jeff Barnett and Chad Lucero of Capital 2 Thrive LLC and Todd Stockbauer, former CFO of ski apparel brand Spyder, will share their wealth of knowledge and help entrepreneurs understand common and uncommon challenges manufacturers and product companies face and how to overcome them. We’re still nailing down the date but you can register now and receive updates on the session.


Where is Krista?
Getting roasted! If you haven’t already heard, Krista has agreed to participate in a local comedy roast next Thursday, August 4, at 5:30 p.m. If you live in the Denver area, we highly encourage you to join our team as we watch Emmy-award winning comedian, Paul Wagner, poke fun at entrepreneurs and startup culture. Click here to buy your ticket and be sure to use our discount code: P2B5 for $5 off. 

She’s also hanging around for a while as we wrap up our latest fundraising round. After nearly four years of non-stop fundraising and being on the road, Krista’s very happy to be home for a bit, especially since she just purchased her first house and is moving in as we speak.


Meet our team: Jesse Trimble, lead software engineer
jesse.jpegJesse is one of the software wizards behind our beautiful platform. He spends his days authoring the code that makes computers do the things we want like process data, generate reports, and more. He also makes sure that the interface is easy to use so us regular muggles can easily understand and interact with it. Jesse says he loves working with the team at P2Bi, is proud of what the company has built thus far, and is excited to see what lies ahead. In his free time you’ll find Jesse rock climbing, beating the pants off his colleagues at Go!, woodworking, or fly fishing. Little known fact—Jesse is our resident expert on all things related to Metal music. (If he is, in fact, a wizard it’s evident he’d be wearing green and white.)


A reminder that under U.S. law we can only accept investments from accredited investors at this time.
Eventually, we would like to open the platform to all investors, but that will be subject to rule changes implemented by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Stay on our list to be the first to know when the rules change.

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Enjoy your weekend and talk to you all again in August! 

The whole P2Bi gang



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